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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have been partaking of Washoku -- Japanese food. All of it is delicious. The two features I like the most are all the little savory side-dishes, and the noodles. I have been trying noodles in Kobe, Tokyo, Nagoya and Sapparo, and I still think my first discovery is the best.

A hallmark of the Japanese quality is that even the meat-and-potatoes equivalent is tasty. Yesterday I had lunch in a place with a lot of working locals streaming through. The dish was a bowl of rice with some greasy eggs and battered pork, with noodles on the side. It did not look all that appetizing, frankly, but somehow, once I started eating, most of it disappeared.

Thanks to my friend, I have also this time enjoyed a lot of neighbourhood restaurants not featured in any guide, a lot of them vegetarian.

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