Purpose one: writing a travelogue to describe my various trips.

Purpose two: muse.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tall Tales from the Mekong Delta

I stole that title from Kate Braverman. I don't have tall tales, but I did get to hold a Python, navigate small canals and see the sunrise over the Mekong.

I also tried some coconut candy. It was sweet like pineapple and creamy like Danish butter -- quite a treat.


  1. wow! it's a real python. cool! buddy i love ur photos so much. I'm really glad that u enjoyed ur trip. By the way, I already got your postcard. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    By the way, this is jacky. I don't have gmail account, so I use Tarry which is my wife. My email account is iamjacky46@hotmail.com

    Have a nice day.


  3. Jacky, great to hear from you! Glad you got the postcard and found my blog :). I'll check in with you when I get back to California.